Corporate Transformation Resources has been intensively involved in some of the business world’s most path breaking transformations during the past two decades.

Founded by Robert H. Miles, author of Leading Corporate Transformation and BIG Ideas to BIG Results: Leading Corporate Transformation in a Disruptive World, the firm has established a proven track record of success for supporting executive leaders as they rise to the challenges of leading corporate transformation.

The firm has pioneered an approach called Accelerated Corporate Transformation or ACT that greatly compresses and accelerates the process for launching a new direction or rapidly executing a new set of initiatives. ACT is regularly used to support and accelerate the process by which new leaders “take charge.”

ACT also incorporates a streamlined, high-engagement, all-employee cascade methodology, which rapidly creates a clear line of sight between new company-wide initiatives and the job-level objectives of all managers and employees.

Robert H. Miles: Overview of ACT approach

ACT: A Better Way

The ACT process architecture has been designed to quickly focus, align, and engage the full organization and then rigorously follow through for execution. It was also designed to be run by business leaders with light consulting and implementation support the first time through. ACT allows managers at all levels to effectively lead organizational transformation and strategy execution on their own, and it becomes part of a more rigorous management process by the end of the first year of implementation.

We specialize in helping CEOs and executive leaders address the following major challenges:

BIG Ideas to BIG Results Leading Corporate Transformation in a Disruptive World The New Second Edition by Robert H. Miles

Read what corporate executives say about the ACT methodology
and how Bob Miles has aided them in leading corporate transformation:


Leading Corporate Transformation
A Blueprint for Business Renewal
by Robert H. Miles, Ph.D.
Jossey-Bass Publishers, A Division of John Wiley & Sons, 1997

"The framework Bob Miles illustrates in his new book has been the key tool Symantec has used to start the shift from being a technology-driven to a customer-driven company. Business leaders facing a variety of corporate transformation challenges will benefit from this important executive briefing."
-Gordon E. Eubanks, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Symantec Corporation
The distillation of a stellar twenty-year career, Leading Corporate Transformation is consultant Robert Miles's reply to executives who want to be able to rise to the most pervasive challenge facing them today: how to achieve fundamental transformation without exposing the organization to unacceptable risk.

Here, in the form of an executive briefing, are the expert guidance and tools you need to meet a variety of corporate transformation challenges, whether you are trying to reposition a successful company, revitalize a failing one, merge different businesses and cultures, or manage a leadership succession process. These insights are relevant not only for senior executives, but also for leaders at all levels of an organization undergoing fundamental transformation.

By sharing success stories from his professional experiences-the ones in which his detailed framework for large-scale transformation was used-Miles shows how you can:
  • Decipher the initial conditions required to launch and accelerate transformation
  • Generate a strategic vision and business success model
  • Align your organization and your people along the critical path
  • Advance a process architecture for keeping everything on track
If you are a leader-at any organizational level-who must effect fundamental change, you will want to keep this book close at hand.


Speaker, Author,
Business Advisor,
Global Thought and
Practice Leader

A widely recognized thought and practice leader in the field of corporate transformation and strategy execution, Bob is a gifted business advisor and process architect.

Based on a unique senior executive program he chaired at the Harvard Business School earlier in his career, Bob developed a simple, powerful approach for accelerating the achievement of breakthrough results across a variety of corporate transformation challenges.

Called Accelerated Corporate Transformation, ACT has stood the tests of fundamental transformations at such leading companies as GE, IBM Global Services, National Semiconductor, Office Depot and Symantec. ACT has been called, “A simple, no-nonsense process that is thoroughly grounded in reality, inclusive of people and 100% results-oriented.”

Once reserved only for executives in residence at Harvard Business School and a select group of global companies, the basic principles for addressing breakthrough performance are now available in his new book BIG Ideas to BIG Results with Dissero Partners colleague Mike Kanazawa, and through his new Speaking Series.

Cloth May 1997 ISBN 0-7879-0327-2 256 pages $25.00

Corporate Transformation Resources is led by Robert H. Miles, a long-time thought and practice leader in the fields of business transformation, organizational effectiveness, culture change, and executive leadership. Bob Miles has pioneered an Accelerated Corporate Transformation, or ACT methodology that enables new CEOs to rapidly take charge in a high-engagement manner.