Accelerated Corporate
Transformation      ACT


Accelerated Corporate Transformation: ACT
Do you need to launch the next phase of your company’s growth? Align your entire company to a new vision? Drive a new set of initiatives to breakthrough performance? Engage every employee under a new leadership agenda? Overcome embedded inhibitors to corporate and business transformation? The ACT methodology can help.

Transformation is Inevitable and Essential
Corporate Transformation Resources offers a proven strategy implementation approach, called Accelerated Corporate Transformation (ACT), which greatly compresses and accelerates the process for launching a new direction or rapidly executing a new direction or rapidly executing a new set of initiatives. ACT incorporates a streamlined, high-engagement, all-employee cascaded methodology to rapidly create a clear line-of-sight between new company-wide initiatives and the job-level objectives of managers and employees. The methodology brings strategy down to earth by translating strategic goals into achievable and measurable tasks that can be communicated as specific actions at all levels of the organization. ACT, a proprietary methodology founded by Robert H. Miles, enables executive leaders to identify three or four primary initiatives whose execution will solidify the company’s next level of performance. There are a host of reasons executive leaders employ the ACT methodology, but three are the most common:
  • To help them take charge in a rapid, comprehen-sive and high-engagement manner.
  • To transform, re-position or re-energize a business and its culture.
  • To rapidly integrate the leaders, businesses and cultures of recently-merged companies.

The next step is to identify the activities necessary to support the transformation initiatives, ultimately cascading commitments to action down through the entire organization until everyone has direct, line-of-sight visibility of what they need to do to support each initiative.

  ACT has four major elements: Focus, Engagement, Speed and Execution. The benefits to organizations deploying ACT include:
  • Breakthrough results delivered in the first and se-cond years.
  • Top-to-bottom organizational alignment
  • Lasting cultural changes

Asking the Right Questions.
Some of the objectives of executives who have imple-mented their programs using the ACT methodology spring from questions such as:
  • How can we rapidly roll out a new business model?
  • What is it going to take to achieve the next level of growth and financial performance?
  • Is my company changing fast enough?
  • Are we building the competitive people and organi-zational capabilities to be successful in the future?
  • Do we have an agile/change-ready culture that can quickly change to meet new demands?

The ACT Process emphasizes the ultimate implementation of profitable programs that rapidly improve your competitive position. The Process has been applied at the corporate levels, as well as at business levels.

The ACT Process creates a management system capable of enabling dramatic improvements in performance at corporate, department and functional levels — and keeps your company focused on achieving a higher level of performance.
  ACT ACT creates a management system capable of enabling dramatic improvements in performance
and culture at corporate, department and functional levels.