The Rapid, High-engagement, All-employee Cascade™

“What does it take to engage and energize thousands of employees within a matter of weeks? Leaders don’t generally raise that question because they are not aware such a feat can be accomplished in a rapid, reliable manner. But it is one of the major questions they should be asking when challenged with taking charge and launching the next major phase in an organization. Instead, many transformations stall at this point in the roadmap because the great ideas and strategies constructed at the top never make it far enough down in the organization to have a palpable effect on customers and employees, which is where it matters most.”

So reads the opening paragraph of the Cascade chapter in the Transformation Leader’s Guide.

To conclude this overview of our firm and its core competency, the ACT Method, we would like to take you to ground level during the rapid, enterprise-wide Cascade in a global “Big Box” retailer; an ACT client with 900 stores. Hopefully, from this live perspective in one of the major ACT-based Phases, you can develop an appreciation of the speed, compression, simplicity, engagement, and sheer crispness of all five of the Phases in the ACT Method.

The video briefly summarizes what had transpired earlier as the top three levels of management worked their way through the sequential steps in the Launch Phase. They were now ready to Cascade their transformation game plan, and do so boldly and rapidly to all employees, relying on our Rapid, High-engagement, All-employee Cascade™.

    NOTE: As you begin to view the Cascade event, see how many of the ACT special features (e.g.,    Speed = Simplicity of Content x Compression of Processes, Doing More ON Less, Structured    Dialogue, etc.) you can pick out in the deployment of this critical ACT-based transformation phase.

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