Gauging Readiness to Launch a Transformation

We encourage anyone planning an accelerated transformation launch not only to go through the ACT Webinar and the Transformation Leader’s Guide: The Online Course, but also to roughly gauge up front the intensity of the six major Inhibitors to transformation embedded their organization. A first pass at this exercise on your own involves completing the one-page survey below. Later, if you and your colleagues decide to deploy the ACT Method, we recommend that the top three levels of management complete the Readiness Survey and have the findings anonymously reported at the initial transformation kickoff event, often referred to as the Confronting Reality Meeting. The book resource, the detailed Transformation Leader’s Guide: The Complete Accelerated Corporate Transformation or ACT Method, can also serve as a “desk reference” to executives leading the transformation at various critical points and remote distances during the transformation.

Both individually and collectively these six Inhibitors may be used to gauge an organization’s readiness to tackle a transformation challenge. We have developed a simple tool for accomplishing this. The Readiness Survey allows you and your colleagues to rate each Inhibitor with the following question: “How important will it be to deal with this Inhibitor in launching a transformation in my organization?” On a scale of 1 = Irrelevant to 5 = Critical.

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Please complete the survey, then click on the following button to see how your Inhibitor Ratings compare to those obtained from the top three levels of management at a variety of ACT clients on the eve of their launch.

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